We have created different solutions from clients since the end of the 1990s. Below is a list of our clients since the beginning. Some pages still exists, while other clients have either moved their web solutions to other products or the company has folded.

Nyhetsgrafikk.no AS

The client is using our CMS, but the articles are added by extracting meta information from PDF-files the client produces.

Nyhetsgrafikk AS is a Norwegian Info Graphics company producing info graphics in PDF, EPS and HTML5. All info graphics are published on their website.

The information published comes from the meta information present in the PDF, EPS and HTML5-files.

After the files has been prosessed, they are pushed to the clients archive server.

From this server they are also pushed to their customers.

url: www.nyhetsgrafikk.no

Norske Sportsjournalisters Forbund

The Norwegian Sports Journalists Federation used us when they wanted an upgrade on their website.

The old website, which was also created by us, was developed in classic ASP. When their web hotell provider informed they were discontinuing support for the technology, the website had to be rewritten.

The solution was to use PHP and MySQL, and the federation also wanted to add a few more features. One being a dictionary of sports venues.

Url: www.norskesportsjournalister.no

Inside Sport AS

We have created and is maintaining the Anti-Doping Database which is run by Inside Sport AS

The Anti-Doping Database is a website where professionals working with Doping issues in Sport can search for information.

The service is subscription based.

We have designed and set up the website, database and the server, and are responsible for keeping the site alive.

Url: www.dopinglist.com

Norsk telegrambyrå AS

We are maintaining some of their Sports Data systems that we developed while Trond Husø was employed by NTB.

Norsk Telegrambyrå AS is the Norwegian News Agency. Trond Husø was employed by NTB for ten years before going freelance. He now maintains their sports data systems.

The sports data comes from external providers and is fetched by a Windows Service connecting to their APIs.

Data is shipped to customers in SportsML XML-format.

url: www.ntb.no